Employer Prevails In Administrative Trial Against Instructor Alleging Wrongful Termination Because Of Arthritis

Plaintiff, a tenured Office Administration Instructor for over 21 years alleged that she was wrongfully terminated because of her reported rheumatoid arthritis and without sufficient cause, in violation of the Education Code.  Plaintiff denied any progressive discipline and denied the allegations that she (1) did not show up to her classes on time or at all, (2) did not post and keep her mandatory office hours,  (3) did not show up to business and other District meetings on time or at all, (3) failed to Post and Keep Office Hours for her students, (4) demeaned her Instructional Aides in front of her entire class (5) failed to Grade her own papers and instead improperly demanded her Instructional Aides grade papers, and (6) in a fit of anger lashed out at her Instructional Aide in the workplace and threw a book bag at her.  The employer prevailed in a 10-day Administrative Trial.